the braceria

The Braceria restaurant is located in Bolzano, at Via Druso 6. The restaurant offers an attractive menu as the Italian tradition, but also of different influences, especially Mediterranean. The highlight of the grill restaurant is, of course, the great selection of meat and a wide selection of wines from the surrounding territory and from the prestigious locations.

We are specialized for corporate menu, business lunches, for various occasions such as holidays and celebrations.

We are also renowned for our wide selection of wines, desserts, homemade breads and oven baked flat breads.

We are specialized for corporate menu, business lunches and for various occasions. We are also renowned for our wide selection of wines, desserts and homemade breads, baked flat breads.

The Menu

The Restaurant Lu is a place that has a very long tradition. It is a place to meet, culture exchange and hospitality. Here, in fact, we welcome guests who wish to taste typical dishes, great wines and imaginative toppings. In this particular ambience gourmet theme lunches and dinners are carried out. The restaurant style reflects the philosophy of a particular attention to detail and quality, interest and attention to the guests. The Braceria is the space of conviviality to spend pleasant moments with friends.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is a modern structure and offers the opportunity to dine both the indoors and outdoors. The limited number of occupancy and food preparation reflects the philosophy of the restaurant which pays particular attention to the preparation of the dishes and quality. The wine stock is based primarily on quality labels, carefully selected to match better with the restaurant menu.

the winter garden

The Braceria offers the opportunity to dine in the lovely winter garden. The indoor and outdoor spaces make it the perfect place for a business lunch or a corporate dinner. The philosophy has been the same for almost hundred years: Warm welcome and informal ambience, utmost attention to the selection and quality of products.

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